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Updated 2020 Design Standards
Posted on Apr 20th, 2020

  • Updated option for Accent Style Siding - ‘Cedar shake’ style siding has been approved for use as an accent on Batal townhomes effective 2020. When replacing the siding, owners have two options to update the area where the scalloped accents currently exist.
  • New allowances for Stone Veneer Siding - [TH} Stone veneer exterior siding has been approved for use to cover the cement brick sections (if applicable) on townhomes effective 2020. Homeowners have the option to update the area from the ground to where the actual cement brick meets the vinyl siding of the townhome.
  • Trash/Recycling – Updated to specify garbage and recycling containers cannot be placed for pickup until 6pm on the evening before scheduled pick up. All trash must be in a trash “Toter” or container, or heavy-duty garbage bags must be used. Any trash not in a closed toter container cannot be placed for pickup earlier than 6:00am on scheduled pick-up day. Also updated to incorporate changes from Fairfax County. 
  • Incorporating requirements for Electric Charging Stations – Incorporating the standards and requirements for residents to install electric charging stations to align with legislation passed by State of Virginia.
  • Additions to Exterior Painting selections- Color changes must adhere to an approved color per the lists referenced below.  The manufacturer of the paint is not required to be McCormick Paints.[TH] The following colors are approved for use on townhome doors and shutters:
McCormick - Old Colonial Red -  225
McCormick - Farmhouse Red  - 217
McCormick - Carolina Slate  - 226
McCormick - Chesapeake Blue - 449
McCormick - HearthStone  - 216
McCormick - Kentucky Green - 482
McCormick - GreyStone - 110
McCormick - Incense - 106
McCormick - Foxhall Green - 202
McCormick - Williamsburg Blue - 227
McCormick - Potomac Blue - 235
McCormick – Kingston Clay – 120
McCormick – Gunston Hall – 445
McCormick – Thomas Point – 148
McCormick – Black – 200
  • Change to requirements for painting of shutters and door to be the same on SFH - Homeowners of single-family homes in Union Mills have the option to paint the front entrance door a color different from the color of the shutters (i.e., Black-200 shutters with an Old Colonial Red-225 front door). Changes of exterior colors should be related to the colors of the houses in the immediate area.  A completed Application requires the following information and/or documents:
  • Two allowable options for Garage Doors.  Applications are required for the replacement or modification of ANY existing garage door. There are two allowable options.
  • A simple raised-panel door with no windows. The doors shall be similar to the original doors (with the exception of the Van Metre garage doors which were originally all wood).
  • The 4-Pane garage door windows (as shown below). The addition of a garage window can be accomplished by the installation of a new garage door or modification of an existing door to add a row of windows. For consistency throughout the community, the windowpanes must be on the top row of the garage door.
  • New Front Door Options for TH - Entrance door Solid Panel Door or Window Option [TH}.  Entrance doors shall be either a solid panel door or a “1/4 Lite” glass panel solid door.
The UMCA Design Standards include other updates, as well as all the details on the above highlights. Please see the full document for all requirements (click here), as well as the application for making changes to your home.
Thank you again to all those who made these updates possible and took the time to share suggestions and recommendations for improving our UMCA design standards.

UMCA Board of Directors


Natalie McCracken
Property Manager

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