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March 23 Community Update Wow
Posted on Mar 23rd, 2020

We are canceling spring Social Events sponsored by the HOA for March and April, including:
* March Volunteer Appreciation Event
* Spring Easter Egg Hunt
* First movie night of the season. 

3)    We are researching Community Care options to protect community members and provide assistance and support where possible, such as:
Procuring hand sanitizing stations at the community playground, tennis courts, and swimming pool (when open).
Scheduling a complete sanitizing of playground equipment on a weekly basis through April 30th.
Reviewing possibilities for community votes to occur online and via mail. This is not planned to be in place of in person votes, and instead in addition to. Considering rescheduling the board election and association annual meeting if needed to reduce risk and align with CDC guidelines
4)    We are working to improve communication on online platforms, social media and email, as well as by mailings.
Union Mills HOA Facebook page for updates, events, ideas from the neighborhood, and neighbors helping neighbors. Post ideas, suggestions and thoughts here – especially for how to keep your kids engaged during this time!
Email distribution mailing list: this is where FirstService Residential sends out updates on community services such as garbage, recycling, weather-related events, etc. If you are not on this, please email to be added.
Board meetings, events, and other information can be found on the Union Mills HOA website at
Additional community information, as well as Board Meeting minutes, can be found on the Union Mills HOA site hosted by FirstService Residential; you’ll have some steps to follow to log into the site:
5)    We are updating design standards and improving the community to keep current with style and trends, and address changing legislation by working on:
  • Continuing to update lighting in the townhome portion of the neighborhood
  • Enhance natural beauty of areas with newly planted shrubs, flowers, bushes and trees
  • The statutory language regarding EV charging stations has now passed both houses of the General Assembly and is awaiting signature as an amendment to the Property Owners’ Association Act. This provides an opportunity to update design standards to incorporate this legislation
  • ACC and Board Members have done an excellent job providing recommendations for updating UMCA Design Standards to include new design options for updating homes. These recommendations are being reviewed and an updated UMCA Design Standards 2020 version will be issued soon!
COVID-19 has presented unchartered territory, as we navigate through together. During this time the Social Committee is continuing to work on ideas for other events in 2020 for the neighborhood. The Board will continue to work through applications, recommendations, and other neighborhood items as we are able to during this time. And we’re all in this together, to support one another and encourage one another during this time.
Union Mills is a great neighborhood and we've already heard stories of neighbors helping out neighbors with shopping tips, picking up a grocery item for a neighbor when at the store and helping with each other's kids with the shutdowns. The stories are a bright light during this time and we definitely look forward to hearing more of them! Please post ideas and thoughts on the Facebook page to stay connected to one another!
We are proud our community can be an example to others during this time, with neighbors full of compassion, care and fun throughout this time. As a Board, we appreciate hearing from community members around your thoughts, ideas, concerns and how we can continue to serve you. Please always feel free to reach out to us individually:
President Andrew Witten:
Secretary Bogdan Feldrihan:
Treasurer Pat McGinty:
Member-at-Large Kelly Jasen:
Or email us as a team at!
Please continue to reference the CDC website for current information on


Union Mills HOA Board of Directors
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