Union Mills Community Updates July 31, 2020
Posted on Aug 1st, 2020

Board Elections & Meeting Details
Board Elections are part of the process of the HOA annual meetings. UMCA current bylaws require annual meetings to be held in-person. While there were updates to legislation passed to allow board meetings to move virtually during this time, it does not extend to annual meetings.
What does that mean for UMCA? Essentially current board members will continue to serve until the elections are held (assuming they avoid any of the following: resign, move out of the community, become incompetent or pass away). UMCA elections and annual meeting will be held as soon as possible once an in person public location is secured and/or new legislation is passed allowing virtual format for annual meetings.
The next Board meeting will be August 5th and held virtually in the same format as July’s meeting. FSR will send out details shortly.
Tot Lot and Tennis Courts
The tot lot and tennis courts will have sanitizing stations installed prior to opening. All those utilizing the tot lot and/or tennis courts should sanitize their hands prior to using the facilities. There will be updated signage also installed addressing COVID-19. Areas will be cleaned and sanitized prior to opening. Please note that the tennis court code has been changed; contact FSR for the new code.
Solar Lighting Project
There is a current pilot with the solar lights (one on Gosling and one on path behind Darter Ct.). The Board is considering purchasing additional lighting to install throughout the Community. The cost of the solar-operated lights is significantly lower than the estimates received for electric lights. The Board is working to purchase more of these lights to address the lighting issues in the Community. You will soon receive a survey requesting feedback and suggestions on locations for these lights. Please be as specific as possible in your descriptions!
Community Improvements
  • Premier has planted new trees in several areas of the community. These are being watered at least twice a week and have a one-year warranty so we will keep watch on these to make sure they grow and thrive as expected!
  • The Fence Renovation Project is underway. The fences have been pressure washed and cleaned up. Repairs are being wrapped up this week and then we will see some new staining!
  • The Pool Deck and Fence repairs are being completed in the upcoming weeks so that the pool will be ready to use next season.
  • UMCA will be offering online voting for annual elections and voting this round! This new offering will assign a unique identifier to each home to be used for voting. This ensures people can only vote one time and can be verified against paper ballots received to verify authenticity. Paper ballots will also still be provided.
  • Many people have asked about the possibility of the tennis courts being used for more functions – volleyball, soccer, etc. Your feedback on this will be collected on the community survey going out soon!
  • It would dramatically improve the community if we can collectively address the trash, recycling and yard waste issues.
  1. Trash pick-up is Tuesday and Friday. This means trash cans can be out Monday or Thursday evening. Individual bags of trash cannot be put out until the morning of trash day and when possible, should be added to a trash can. Bagged trash must be the black, heavy duty bags.
  2. Yard pick-up is Wednesday. Yard waste should be in yard waste bags or bundled and tied piles at the curb. Lawn clippings, leaves, weeds, soil, etc. must not be thrown in the woods or off the path.
  3. Recycling pick-up is Wednesday. Reminder, glass is no longer included in the mixed stream recycling and should not be included. Recycling should be in recycle bins or recycle bags.
  4. Bulk Items, appliances, etc. are not included in regular pick-up. These items may be taken to the County dump or you can arrange pick up through Patriot Disposal (call them directly to arrange). When bulk items are left out and they get picked up, it’s because a neighbor got involved to help out – and in some cases have paid the fee for another neighbor’s mattress or item.
Sidewalk Chalk Art
The Social Committee received great submissions in the summer sidewalk chalk art activity! Check out all the photos on the Facebook page or the website! Thank you to the families participating, including:
  • Adkins
  • Bradleys
  • Cavaluzzis
  • Encarnacions 
  • Feldrihans
  • Hankins
It is an honor to serve this Community as your Board of Directors. Please continue to reach out with questions and feedback at or directly to any of us: Andrew Witten, Pat McGinty, Bogdan Feldrihan or Kelly Jasen. You can also contact us through Natalie at FSR and she will provide your information to us.

UMCA Board of Directors

Natalie McCracken
Property Manager

11351 Random Hills Road, Suite 500 | | Fairfax, VA 22030
Main 703.385.1133
Please share this information with neighbors that may not have received it.
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