July Communication and Virtual Board Meeting Information
Posted on Jul 8th, 2020

Board Meeting Virtual Guidelines
To join the Board Meeting virtually, you may join using video or just audio. You will click on the link and be asked to download the application if you want to join fully. To join via audio, you may simply dial in with the phone number and pass code.
When you connect, all participants will be automatically put on mute.
  1. At time of meeting, the facilitator will call out each number dialed in with the last 3 numbers – “Caller ending in 204 can you please identify yourself”. At that time, you will come off of mute and state your name/street you live.
  2. Callers who do not identify themselves will be removed from the meeting to protect against Zoom-bombing/harassment.
  3. Once you’ve identified yourself, the facilitator will ask “Do you have an agenda item?” If so, please let the facilitator know so we can add you to the agenda and then you’ll be placed on mute again.
  4. An agenda will be created based on the member feedback and these items will be addressed first.
  5. For the full experience, it is easiest to download the platform and join completely. This allows you to view the proceedings, use the Chat function, raise your hand for the facilitator to call on you, etc.
  6. Please do not post connection details on public forums.
Board Elections
The UMCA Board has three positions up for election at this year’s annual meeting and we need volunteers! This is a great way to serve the community and be a part of a great team! If you’re interested, please email Natalie right away for details and to complete the forms at With the use of online voting, there may also be other items for voting to be determined at the next board meeting.
  1. Annual elections will be held both by online vote or in person/paper ballot.
  2. Each household is still only allowed one vote.
  3. For online voting, each household will receive a unique identifier that must be used in voting to ensure security and verify only one vote is being submitted.
  4. More details to come!
Sidewalk Chalk and Fun!
Activating summer vacation mode! Let's celebrate summer by creating beautiful sidewalk chalk art! Email us a photo of your sidewalk chalk art between Tuesday, July 7th  and Sunday July 19th to be entered in a randomized drawing for 10 prizes. We look forward to seeing your talent in action! We will create an online photo gallery on our community website and Facebook page to share and enjoy with all! Email photos to
Please note that if you choose to submit a picture, you are providing your consent to posting the picture on the UMCA Facebook page: and website: UMCA HOA will not use these pictures for advertising purposes or for the purpose of trade.
Also, congratulations to our graduates! We were thrilled to treat you to doughnuts and say congratulations! Enjoy summer and good luck on your next endeavors!
Christina Lee
Jack Hendrickson
Kayla Charles
Kevin McGinty
Peter Kang
Trenton Elliott
Virina Matta
Yuna Kim
Yuting Guo
Community Reminders and Notes
  • Trash pick-up is Tuesday and Friday and must be in containers or strong, black garbage bags. Please do not put out trash other days or in the flimsy, white bags. This is causing several problems in the Community - Animals are getting into this and dragging garbage throughout the neighborhood. Dogs and cats are getting sick from the trash being left out. It increases risk of spread of germs and illness. And any trash that gets picked up is solely by the good graces of the sanitation workers or your neighbors. If you have ideas on how to improve the trash situation, please email Natalie!
  • Reminder that it’s inspection time so get out that power washer and paint that deck!
  • The Board is working to try to open the playground and tennis courts soon! Look for updates to come soon.
  • With the pool closed, the Board is looking at ways to use the funding for further improvements to the Community. This will be discussed at the upcoming Board meetings. Ideas include improved lighting throughout the community and playground or tennis court updates.
We look forward to hearing and seeing you at the upcoming meetings!
UMCA Board of Directors


Natalie McCracken
Property Manager

11351 Random Hills Road, Suite 500 | | Fairfax, VA 22030
Main 703.385.1133
Please share this information with neighbors that may not have received it.
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