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UMCA Announcement on Pools for the 2020 Summer Season
Posted on Jun 26th, 2020

It has been suggested that we could get around this by having everyone sign a waiver prior to entering the pool facilities.  Our attorneys have notified us, however, that although liability waivers may be enforceable in some states, such waivers (sometimes referred to as pre-injury releases) are not enforceable in Virginia. The Supreme Court of Virginia originally ruled in 1890 and has affirmed in multiple cases since that pre-injury releases or waivers are invalid and unenforceable because they violate public policy in the Commonwealth.  Thus, the HOA cannot effectively insulate itself or its members against potential liability by using waivers or releases. 
Board Meetings
The Board is working on new improvements to the Community including improved lighting, social distance-safe events and opening the tot lot and tennis courts.  The next board meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, July 8th at 7:30pm. This meeting will be held virtually and information will be sent out via email, posted on Facebook, and posted on the property management and HOA websites for those who would like to attend. The annual meeting will be held August 5th and we are working on the location, as well as will be providing a virtual connection option.
Board Elections

We need you! The Board has three spaces that are open in the upcoming Board elections held at the annual meeting (postponed to August 5th due to COVID-19 delays). If you are interested in volunteering for the Board, please contact Natalie at Or feel free to reach out to a Board member to learn more about this great opportunity! Also – we will be hosting online voting for the 2020 annual elections, in addition to the paper voting. This will allow greater participation from the Community and removes the requirement to vote in person which can be an impediment to many.
We understand that the pool announcement is a big disappointment to the Community and we apologize for any inconvenience.  Thank you for your continued support and patience in these times as we navigate through our new normal. Have a safe upcoming holiday weekend!


Union Mills Board of Directors

Natalie McCracken
Property Manager

11351 Random Hills Road, Suite 500 | | Fairfax, VA 22030
Main 703.385.1133
Please share this information with neighbors that may not have received it.

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