Architectural Change Request Application
For any changes to the exterior of the home, you must submit an architectural application. This includes, but is not limited to, color changes, additions, storm doors, exterior entry doors, windows, siding, roofs, roof shingles, decks, fences, play sets, and exterior decorative objects.  Please refer to the 2020 architectural guidelines for a more specific list of requirements or contact your First Service Residential property manager, Natalie McCracken.  You may download the ACC application form and email it to  You may also contact the First Service Customer Care Center at 703-385-1133. 
Please be sure that you have all your specifications, Manufacturer names, Model #'s and detailed descriptions listed on the actual application.   While other supporting documentation (IE - brochures, pictures, web links and physical samples are helpful), the specifics must be listed on the ACC Application itself. Also please submit a separate application for each request and avoid submitting applications with multiple changes.  Our ACC (Architectural Covenants Committee) meets on the first Wednesday on each month at 6:30 p.m. Therefore we recommend that you submit your application at least 48 hours prior to this meeting.    
Thank you.