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Union Mills!
From the UMCA Board of Directors
The Board of Directors is the policy-making body with legislative functions which constitutes the executive body of the Union Mills Community Association. The authority of the Board of Directors is outlined in detail in Article 4 of the Association’s Bylaws. The Board exercises all decision-making responsibility for the Community, except for a limited number of issues where the Community Documents require a vote by the collective membership of the Community. In exercising its responsibilities, the Board has a fiduciary obligation to the members of the Community (e.g. property owners) to conduct the business and affairs of the Association in a prudent manner.
The Board of Directors consists of five directors elected by the Community for a period a three year term.  Elections are held each May at the Annual Meeting.  The current directors are Ina Schiff (President), Carol Hendrickson (V.P.), Patrick McGinty (Treasurer), Brian Nolan (Secretary), and Mike Shipley (Member at Large).   
Dates and locations of upcoming Board Meetings are available via the calendar on  http://www.unionmills.com/. All community residents are welcome to attend Board Meetings. Time is set aside for community input and questions.
We encourage all residents (Owners and Tenants) to register on the UnionMills.com website so that we can improve communications and keep everyone informed on community issues.  In order to improve communications, you may also opt-in on Newsletters and other community updates like Neighborhood watch, snow removal, trash removal and Pool Parties, etc.  Please feel free to register so that we can keep you informed.
UMCA Committees
Union Mills has six standing committees, each of which are outlined below. If you are interested in serving on one of the standing committees, go to http://www.unionmills.com/documents/ and mail the completed Committee Member Application form to our management company, Sequoia.
Architectural Covenants Committee (Chairman Bob Gales): Works to ensure that homes within our Community are kept in good repair. The ACC also promotes the general welfare and safety of owners, tenants, and guests.
Budget & Finance Committee (Pat McGinty, Chair) - Responsible for overseeing the Association’s financial transactions and the status of our Community’s financial position.  
Open Space Committee (Chair-Brian Nolan) - Advises and assists in developing a program to preserve and enhance the common areas and facilities, particularly in regard to the maintenance and use of these common areas.
Communications Committee: - (Mike Shipley – Chair), – Website maintenance, Newsletters, Informational group emails,  (www.unionmills.com).
Parking Committee  (Emad Elassal - Chair) -  Identifies and tests ideas designed to improve parking, promotes the safety of pedestrians and drivers on Community property, and ensures that Community parking regulations are in compliance with Commonwealth, County, and Association documents.
Tot Lot:   Union Mills has a wonderful tot lot which is located behind 5615 and 5617 Gosling Drive.
Pool Hours: The pool is open from Memorial Day Weekend through Labor Day.   Normal hours of operation are daily and weekends from 11:00 am – 7:00 pm except for Friday & Saturday (11am - 9:00 PM) .  Only residents in good standing may obtain pool passes.  Mail completed applications to First Service Residential,11351 Random Hills Road, Suite 500, Fairfax, VA  22030 or email your application to natalie@Unionmills.com.
See http://www.unionmills.com/info.php?pnum=15 for pool rules and application forms.  If you're renting a home in Union Mills, please remember to have your landlord complete a Lease Addendum, have your Landlord complete this signed document and submit it to Sequoia Management along with a copy of your lease..
Tennis:  Typically, the newly refurbished tennis courts are open Year Round and they require a code in order to access the facility.  Please complete, sign and forward the application form to Natalie@Unionmills.com in order to acquire the code and access.  Tennis Court Application and Rules Click here.   If you are renting a home in Union Mills, remember to provide Mary a copy of your Landlord's lease and a copy of the Lease Addendum.   
Pets: The UMCA adheres to Fairfax County leash laws.  For more information on Fairfax County leash laws, visit: http://www.co.fairfax.va.us/living/animals. It is Fairfax County law to clean up after your dog.  Pooper scooper bags and repositories can be found at the following locations:
  • Gosling Drive (across from Gray Bill Ct.)
  • South side of Ruddy Duck Dr. (near entrance to White Dove Lane.)
  • Ruddy Duck Road near the Pool House
  • On the Walking Trail (behind Canada Goose Ct.)
  • Quail Ct. (At the beginning of the Walking Trail)
  • Single Family Section - Cavalier Woods Lane near Trey Lane.  
If you witness anyone not cleaning up after their animals, you may file a confidential report via the web.
Parking in the Community is restricted to private, passenger-type vehicles. Each non-garage townhouse is allotted two reserved parking spaces. Reserved parking spaces are to be used solely by the owners to which the spaces are assigned, or the owner’s authorized designees (e.g. tenant or guest). 
Visitor Spaces. - (LIMITED TO 3 CONSECUTIVE CALENDAR DAYS) - No vehicle may be parked in an unassigned (common area) parking space (designated “visitor” space) for a period in excess of four hours on three (3) consecutive calendar days.  Any vehicle remaining in an unassigned parking space in excess of 4 hours on three (3) consecutive calendar days shall be subject to enforcement action, to including towing of the vehicle at the owner’s risk and expense.
Parking is not allowed in Fairfax County-designated fire lanes (identified by yellow curbing), in such a manner as to obstruct sidewalks, on grass, or in other common areas not designated as reserved or visitor parking spaces. 
Parking in the Community is regulated by UMCA Regulatory Resolution No. 2010-1, which can be viewed at http://www.unionmills.com/editor_upload/File/2010parking.pdf.
The Association has a standing arrangement with a commercial towing company (JDR Towing , 703-722-2384) to provide towing of all vehicles parked in fire lanes, parked across sidewalks, or parked in otherwise prohibited areas of the Community. The Community has restrictions on the parking of boats, buses, campers, commercial vehicles, mobile homes, trailers, trucks, and other non-passenger-type vehicles.
Trash Removal
Union Mills has a contract with Patriot Disposal of Manassas (703-257-7100) for trash pick up in our community on Tuesday and Friday mornings. Recycling is picked up on Tuesday mornings. Between March 31 and December, Yard Waste is picked up on Wednesday. During the rest of the year, trash may be put out on Tuesdays or Fridays. 
Residents should put out trash containers on the curb in front of their house AFTER 6:00 pm on the evening before trash pickup. All containers must be returned to their storage places by 6:00 pm on the evening of pickup. Containers or bags used to store garbage must be kept in garages, inside houses, or in back yards when not in use. They are not to be stored in side yards or on porches if either place is visible from the street or another lot.
Grass clippings, leaves, limbs and other trash may not be dumped in any common areas of Union Mills. 
YARD DEBRIS:  Grass clippings and yard debris will be picked up from the curb each week on Wednesdays.  If you do not know what your service day is, please call our office at 703-257-7100.  Yard debris is defined as grass clippings, leaves and hedge trimmings.  Grass clippings must be placed in paper bags, or in a separate container clearly marked “yard waste.”  Hedge trimmings must be less than 4” in diameter, cut into 4’ lengths, tied in small bundles or bagged.  Yard debris does not include stumps, whole trees, or clean-up from storm damage.  Additional specifications regarding yard waste pickup can be found here.
Patriot Trash Services does not pick up paint cans, tires, car batteries, or other hazardous waste, or waste which requires special handling. Contact the Fairfax County Household Hazardous Waste Department at http://www.co.fairfax.va.us/dpwes/trash/disphhw.htm to determine where to take these items for proper disposal. Call Patriot Trash Services (http://www.patriotdisposalservices.com/)   at 703-257-7100 to arrange for a special pick up of furniture and appliances, as these items will not be picked up during regular trash collection.
Special items will be collected at the curb each week.  Special items include white goods (appliances), small furniture, mattresses, and other large items.   Special items that will be collected and recycled include scrap metal (grills, bicycles, swings, chairs), small electronics (computers, monitors, small TVs, small printers, VCRs, DVD/CD players, etc.), motor oil, and car batteries. 
Advance notice is required for the collection of all special items, with the exception of small furniture and mattresses which can be placed out at the curb for collection with your regular trash.
Residents are limited to two special items per pickup at no additional charge.  Additional items, or items that are extremely large or heavy, will be collected for a minimum fee of $25.00.  TVs or monitors larger than 19” will be picked up for a minimum fee of $25.00; tires will be picked up for a minimum fee of $20.00 each.  Carpeting will be priced for pickup on a case-by-case basis, depending on the quantity. 
Special items scheduled for pickup that are not out on the scheduled pickup day will be re-scheduled for pickup at the request of the homeowner for a $25.00 fee.  All fees for special pickups must be prepaid by the homeowner prior to removal.
Carpet, plywood, 2x4s and other items are considered construction debris, which Patriot Disposal is prohibited from collecting with the regular trash.  If you have any items for collection that are the result of remodeling or rebuilding, please call the office.  We may be able to schedule a pick up these items for an additional fee.
Should you you have an appliance that you need to dispose of, please call our office to schedule a pick up.  If your service is contracted through your HOA, there will be no additional fee for this service.
If you have any of the following items for disposal, please call our office to schedule a pick up.  If your service is contracted through your HOA, there is no additional fee for this service.  Please note that these items will be picked up and recycled by Patriot Disposal:

•Small electronics (computers, monitors, small TVs, small printers, DVD players, etc.)
•Metal items (grills, bicycles, swings, chairs, scrap metal, etc.)
•Car batteries