Approved Paint Colors & Annual Inspections
The purpose of the annual inspection each year is for homeowners to preserve, maintain, and enhance the exterior of their properties. The inspection usually occurs over the course of one week in early April.
Here are a few of the higher priority items the inspectors look for:
  • Yard (mowing and trimming And weeding of landscape beds)
  • Painting (any peeling or cracking of paint on trim, front door, back door, fascia trim rake trim along the roof line or shutters)
  • Chimney caps (old and rusty that need to be painted or replaced)
  • Siding (any mold or mildew that needs cleaning / power washing, or siding detaching and needs repair)
  • Windows (any damage on the exterior, such as rotted wood on bay windows).
  • Window screens - broken and missing
  • Doors (storm door in good maintenance, front door not damaged or faded)
  • Vents (dryer and gable vents attached and not damaged)
  • Fences (in a maintained state, not leaning, no broken boards or popping nails, is the gate still intact and functioning)
  • Shutters (are any missing, faded and need to be repainted)
  • Gutters and downspouts (are all attached and in good maintenance)
  • House numbers (is there a house number present, are all numbers attached) and painted numbers mount platee
  • Stoop/sidewalk (damaged, or separating from the foundation)
  • Light fixtures and post lights (attached and straight)
  • Storage (outdoor items stored in front that should be out of view, or items being stored outside fence on the common area)
  • Trash or recycling containers (in view on non-pickup days)
Click here for Architectual Terms which may help explain what items need painted on your home.  Our house diagram that shows the location of the architectural items on your home. We would like to thank each of you in advance for all the hard work you put into your homes and maintaining this beautiful community that we call home.
417 Exterior Painting. As a general rule, color changes apply not only to the house siding, but also to the doors, shutters, trim, roofing, and other component structures. Color changes must adhere to an approved color per the lists referenced below. The manufacturer of the paint is not required to be McCormick Paints.

[TH] The doors and shutters of all the townhomes in Union Mills are to be painted the same color. No two adjacent townhomes shall have doors and shutters the same or a similar color.

The following are approved colors for use on TH trim which is defined as the trim around the garage, doors, windows, and front porch and post.
Batal townhomes
  • McCormick - Amber White - 101
  • McCormick - Super White - 100
  • Sherman Williams – Ovation – Extra White – 636355 (at Lowes)
  • Olympic – A01-6 – True White
Van Metre townhomes (around the garage, doors, windows and front porches) is to be painted
  •  McCormick - Wheat - 108
  •  McCormick - Amber White - 101
  •  McCormick – Colonial White - 118

[TH] The following colors are approved for use on townhome doors and shutters:
  • McCormick - Old Colonial Red - 225
  • McCormick - Farmhouse Red - 217
  • McCormick - Carolina Slate - 226
  • McCormick - Chesapeake Blue - 449
  • McCormick - HearthStone - 216
  • McCormick - Kentucky Green - 482
  • McCormick - GreyStone - 110
  • McCormick - Incense - 106
  • McCormick - Foxhall Green - 202
  • McCormick - Williamsburg Blue - 227 McCormick - Potomac Blue - 235
  • McCormick – Kingston Clay – 120
  • McCormick – Gunston Hall – 445
  • McCormick – Thomas Point – 148
  • McCormick – Black – 200
** Effective as of the 2020 Standards** (McCormick - Georgetown Green - 220) has been discontinued. Homes with this color will need to select a new color from the approved colors when refreshing their paint.

Any deviations from the above original color chart MUST first be approved by the ACC. An Application to the ACC must include the manufacturer’s name, color name and a sample of the proposed color (Photocopies of paint charts will not be accepted.). In addition, homeowners wishing to change from one approved color to another approved color must submit an application, which includes the above information, as well as the colors of the two adjacent homes.

[SFH] Homeowners of single-family homes in Union Mills have the option to paint the front entrance door a color different from the color of the shutters (i.e., Black-200 shutters with an Old Colonial Red-225 front door). Changes of exterior colors should be related to the colors of the houses in the immediate area. A completed Application requires the following information and/or documents:

417.1 A listing of all existing exterior colors on property structures;
417.2 A color sample of the new color to be used if not on the approved list;
417.3 The estimated start date and completion date; and,
417.4 The signatures of the adjacent neighbors most affected by the change.
Please note that an application must be submitted and approved prior to any exterior color changes. Please consult the 2020 Union Mills Architectural Guidelines Click here.
Please note this list is not all inclusive and additional items may be cited if they are not in compliance with the Communities Architectural Guidelines.
Paint: Chipping, peeling, bubbling or fading of paint on trim, shutters, front doors and metal railings(rusted).

Miscellaneous Items: Public view storage of trash cans, recycling bins and miscellaneous items such as newspapers, garden tools, children’s toys, etc.

Repairs: Items in need of repair such as rotted wood trim; broken fences, gates or boards; missing or damaged shutters; etc.
Maintenance: Items in need of maintenance such as yard work, deck and fence stain, cleaning of steps as well as fences, decks, and single family mailboxes etc.
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