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New Trash and Recycle Toter Options
Posted on Dec 26th, 2017
New Option for Smaller 32 Gallon Patriot Trash Toter and/or Larger 32 Gal Wheeled Recycle Bin with Lid
Would you like to trade in your 56 Gallon Patriot Trash Toter for a newer smaller 32 gallon toter or trade in your small recycle bin for a larger 32 gal covered bin on wheels? If so, please email us right away at and let us know.  There is no cost to the resident for the new replacements.
Currently our Board of Directors is finalizing a new 3 year contract for trash collections.  This will include a contractual clause that requires trash pickups before noon and also an option that would allow owners to trade in their 56 gallon toter for a smaller 32 Gallon Toter and/or exchange their small recycle bin for a larger 32 gallon covered recycle toter on wheels.  For some time, residents have expressed their desire for a smaller more convenient size toter.  Hopefully, this will help with some of the ongoing trash problems. Please let us know now if you interested in swapping out your toter. You can either send an email to or fill out the two surveys on the website. 
Update on Storm Water Pond Retrofit Project for Townhomes
Posted on Oct 1st, 2015 Comments (0)
11/01/2017 Update -  Please note that the County will be starting the final stages of retrofitting the ponds in the spring of 2018.  Grading and construction will start at that time.  
Stormwater Ponds Retrofit Update -Here is some great news. - You may have recently noticed where Fairfax County has surveyed the two storm ponds in the townhome area. This is the first step in the process of retrofitting (redesigning) the two storm ponds.  Fairfax County engineers indicate that the following items will be addressed. 
  • Removal of the concrete trickle ditches
  • Reshape the overall size and configuration of the ponds. 
  • Rebuild and redesign the BMP and trash rack design. 
  • Install Bioretention Filters and Basin
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